Qari Khushi Muhammad

Qari Khushi Muhammad


The Most famous Quran Reciter (Qari) of Islamic World, International fame holder Qari-e-Pakistan honorable, Alhaaj Khushi Muhammad Al-Azhari (May Allah’s Mercy be upon him) Distinction Medal (Pakistan) (Egypt) Khateeb president house Mosque Islamabad, Chairman International Quran Academy, Chairman Al-Azhari Anglo Arabic Collage, Chairman Al-Azhari Institute of Computer Sciences Chairman Al-Azhari Welfare Trust, President Kharral Association Secretary General world(Sout-Ul-Quraa) organization Saudi Arabia, President Asian Countries syndicate of (Quraaz) Gold Medalist Marakash, Qari Radio, TV, Senate, National Assembly Award of Excellency Pakistan, Gold Medalist Pakistan and Gold crown of Data Shareef Lahore.

Qari Khushi Muhammad Al-Azhari was born on 14th February, 1943 Chak # 16/G.D near Sagra Okara. He belonged to a famous warrior family of Pakistan Kharral Rajpoot, Rai Ahmed Khan martyred. He was the Landlord of his locality and rest of his siblings and thik and span and farmers. He was the Chief of his tribe. He achieved a world-wide reputation.

Education and Training

Got his primary education from his Village School and Matriculated from Central Muslim Rajpoot high School Okara . Rao Sikandar Iqbal And Rao Qaiser Ali Khan (MNA) were his Schoolmates. He was devoted to Quran from his Childhood. He had a deep devotion towards the Quran since his child-hood. He completed three Years course of Recitation and Rules from Qari Zahir Qasmi now(LATE) from jamia Qasima in Karachi and was certificated completed his worldly education in Rawalpindi and Qualified Masters Degree.


For the first time served Glaxy company in Ranyalakhord and almost five years later joined Pakistan Nari in Karachi, his passionate love with Quran and devotion towards it completed him to resign off his job and he settled in Lahore.Meanwhile , Being in Lahore, along with Naat and Dars-e-Nizami (a religions scholarly degree) was recruited in LDA. Having transferred from LDA to Improvement Trust Rawalpindi and settled permanent in Arya Mohalla Rawalpindi. In the time of Prime Minister Zulifqaar Ali Bhutto President Chaudhry Fazal Elahi(LATE) appointed him Imam of presidency. He was appointed the first Qari of Senate in the time of General Muhammad Ayyub (Late).

Association with Radio Pakistan and Television

Initially Maulana Kouser Niazi (Late) introduced him to Radio and TV. He had the honor of recitation in both the meeting of Islamic Presidents Conference. He was linked to Radio and TV in 1966.


In 1979 Managing Director of Shalimar Recording company Mr Rashid Lateef got the utter Quran Recorded for the first time in sub-continent. It included a set of 15 cassettes and one of 30 another consisting 45 cassettes with title of Noori Mokhra (Glowing Visage ). Qualified Egyptian national test for Recitation then P.T.V got his his voice recorded. He was the sole non Arabic (Ajmi) Qari who glowed the Pakistani name and became a mouthpiece identity of his country. His voice recorded in Arabia, Urdan, Syria, Kuwait, Bahrain, U.A.E and Marrakesh made the whole Quran record, consisting of 85 hours, in Abu Dhabi, Also had the honour to made the Quran recorded in the atmosphere of both Makkah and Madina , where the Quran in real was revealed . He got the whole Quran recorded in Spain of 32 hours , with the honour , that it was telecasted of Saudi T.V through Pakistan radio , Al Najam Trust got the programme recorded the Quran in his voice , name as AYE QURAAN SHAREEF PARHIYE (come and recite the noble Quran) , It was translated in 6 languages and achieved country wide fame. He was also the pioneer of a renowned programme of P.T.V , IQRA (Read).


He Received , special certificates, and appreciation certificates as well as PTV award for five times , Which is a record in the history of PTV. At the eve of Independence Celebrations he Received special Distinction Medal (Pakistan ) . In other honors,Received Distinction Medal from an International Center like Egypt. Represented Pakistan in International Melodious Recitation held in Malaysia and stood fourth there. The greatest son of Islamic world Qari Khushi Muhammad Al-Azhari, revolved unforgettable service for amplification of the Noble Quran . Not only Egypt but also through out the world he made Pakistani name Glow and became the identity of his country . He was ruthless, lad affection to Ahl-e-Bait (the Family of Holy Prophet (PB UH) , fan of saints, servant to Religious scholars and had a devoted apex lace for the Noble Quran . He felt elated on Being the Servant of the Quran He use to take the Quran as his costumes and routine . He was obsessed with his skill. He used to take rest only 6 hours in a sun circle . He never ate at his fill , throughout his life . He was a man of few words . He used to eat only once in 24 hours. He used to take a small rest .and often said that life is very small and short , One should try to spend maximum time in obeying Allah Almighty and Prophet (PB UH) he would say . He was Qari e Pakistan and toured the whole world . Influenced by his magic voice ,25 people plead to enter in the circle of Islam. Qari Khushi Muhammad name did not need any formal prelude . He got immerse fame in a short notice . He had a very little chance to serve Islam and the Quran . He achieved only 56 years of life when he recited the Noble Quran , His voice took the listeners to another world with its attractions and ornamentation . He was a world acknowledge and recognized personality and on of the greatest blessing of Allah . Mr Qari Sahib had flile love with his father .He parents used to pray for him with Teans in their hands . He was thoroughly ,gentle , kind hearted ,humanist and Friendly personality . He used to lame fragrance ,arooma , and plants a lot . A person meeting him once only , reflected that he was hi only now and Im aquated to him centunes . on top of the all, Mr Qari used to love his madrassah (A Religious Institution ) He Always use to think of the more and more beautiful construction and completion of his Madrassah .