Qari Najam Mustafa

Qari Najam Mustafa


As an Official Qari for the Parliament of Pakistan, the Presidency, National Television, Chairman of International Quran Academy and Managing Trustee of Qari Khushi Muhammad Al-Azhari Trust, I am devoted to the promotion of Quran and It’s art of recitation globally. My passion in life is to be the inspiration for learning the Art of Quranic recitation.

My primary focus is inculcating moral and ethical values among the young generation by introducing them to the importance of reading Holy Quran. As the head of a Quran Academy, I make intensive efforts for the promotion of skilled learning and recitation of Quran by being part of the daily activities. As a result thousands benefit at the academy and my dream is to reach out to the Ummah,


  1. Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (Medal of Excellence) given by President of Pakistan (Pervez Musharraf) on 23rd March, 2007.
  2. Pakistan Television National Award for the Best Qari of the year 2004
  3. Pakistan Television National Award for the Best Qari of the year 2007
  4. Pakistan Television National Award for the Best Qari of the year 2010
  5. Rawal Award for promotion of art of Qiraat, year 2011.


  1. Arranged several Qirrat Conferences & Competitions on different TV Channels in Pakistan and abroad.
  2. Attended various Qirrat Competition as a Chief Judge.
  3. Recited the Holy Quran at the opening ceremony of International Geological Conference on 18th January, 2006.
  4. Participated in International Qirrat Conference at Rawalpindi in 2006.
  5. Represented Pakistan in International Qirrat Conferences held in Saudia, UAE, Morocco, USA, UK.
  6. Appreciation for promoting the art of Qirrat in youth by the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  7. Had the honor of recitation of Holy verses at the World Economic Forum on 10th May, 2006.
  8. In April, 2006, I participated in various conferences across United States on the special Invitation of Pakistanis residing there.


  1. Managing Trustee and Chairman of Qari Kushi Muhammad Al Azhari Trust since 1998.
  2. Looking after the social and welfare matters of the Trust while overseeing the academic aspects of the International Quran Academy.
  3. Official Qari of Parliament of Pakistan since 1998.
  4. Official Qari of Presidency and Pakistan Television since 2003.
  5. Have the honor of Live Quranic recitation in Daroos-ul-Hasania at Presidential palace Rabat Morocco on the special invitation of His Highness King of Morocco in 2010.
  6. At the invitation of the King of Saudi Arabia (King Abdullah) had the honor to recite in Haram and Masjid un Nabi in 2010.
  7. Tajweed-o-Qirat training to the students of Fatima Jinnah University, Rawalpindi from 2007 to 2009.
  8. On the invitation of UAE Govt, recited the Holy Quran from the Presidential mosque in Abu Dhabi in 2005.
  9. Recited the Holy Quran at the SAARCs health minister Conference in 2005.
  10. During the visit of VC of Germany to Pakistan, I had the honor of reciting Holy Quran on October 2004.
  11. Had the honor of recitation during the visit of Bosnian president to Pakistan in2006.
  12. Recited the Holy Quran at the ceremony where Govt. of Pakistan gave Nishan-e-Pakistan to Saudi Prince Shah Abdullah in 2006.
  13. Had the honor of reciting the Holy verses at Intl donors conference, UN Secretary General (Kufi Anan), PM and President of Pakistan were the auspices in 2005.